How To Change The Default SSH Port in CentOS, the default SSH port is 22 ,you can change the default SSH port , you can easily do need to make a little change on sshd_config files. The default port number is 22  & now we are going to change it to 1155.
Step 1:  Open the SSH config file.


Add a New line with your New port. please see following the picture , I have added a  new line ( Port 1155 )  under the line , #port 22 . you can change port from 22 to any other. I have changed the port 22 to 1155.

#port 22
Port 1155

change ssh port

now save it ,  & now your  new port is 1155.

Step 2: Reload SSH Service

service sshd reload

reload sshd

Its done , you can verify the new port by this command :

netstat -tulpn | grep sshd

check ssh port

You should see two entries with the status of “LISTEN” With new port.

Note:  If you have firewall on server , Please ensure you update your firewall/iptables and ensure the new port is allowed for incoming connections.


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