How to change cPanel password using SSH

How to change cPanel password using SSH:

1. Login to your server as root via SSH.

2. Execute the following script from the command line.

Replace [username] with the cPanel user name of the domain & [password] with the new password.

/scripts/chpass [username] [password]

If you are facing this error, please use the following command and reset.

warn [realchpass] Insecure passing of password on ARGV.
ERROR: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/realchpass
interface. You can force a password
change through this script by setting
the environment variable


3. Synchronizing the new password with FTP password;

In cPanel/WHM servers, whenever a new account is created in WHM, by default a FTP account is created. The cPanel password and FTP password are synchronized. Use the following command to synchronize the new password with FTP password.


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