How to Install cPanel On CentOS

cPanel is a graphical web-based control panel that helps you quickly and easily manage your website and hosting account. cPanel software gives you complete control over a vast amount of functions, streamlining useful processes.

Installation Prerequisites:

  •     A fresh and running VPS or dedicated CentOS 6.5 server.
  •     A minimum of 384MB RAM.
  •     A Minimum 20GB of free disk space required for cPanel installation.
  •     A cPanel license.

Installing cPanel & WHM:

You must have Perl installed on your server before you can run the installation script for cPanel & WHM. You can install Perl using either yum or up2date.

yum users should run the following command:

yum install perl

up2date users should run the following command:

up2date -i perl

To install cPanel & WHM, run these commands:

1. Opens the /home directory.

cd /home

2. Fetches the latest installation files from cPanel’s servers.

wget -N

3. Opens and executes the installation files.

sh latest

Now, you need to wait for the cPanel installer script to complete its installation.

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