How to create private nameservers on LogicBoxes panel

How to create private nameservers on LogicBoxes panel , To create private name servers  its very important for a reseller or hosting provider . beginners really want to create private name server badly .
The tutorials will help who use LogicBoxes control panel . specially  Resell biz , Resellerclub are providing the control panel .

Its very simple , just we need to complete two steps. one is Add child name server and another add “A” record in cPanel.

Step 1 : log in your domain control panel And go to your domain manage area . search a options “Child Name Servers” the click on “Child Name Servers”
How to create private nameservers

Then write your name server and IP address and click “save ” for example if you want to create name servers , and . so type in left side box and write your ip addres in right  box . then click “save ”  the same way you can add another record for name servers.  please see the picture :

name serversStep one is done , now we need to add “A Record ”

Step 2: Login your cpanel , click on “Advanced DNS Zone Editor”

Private namerserversThen Write your Ns ,TTL & IP.

name servers

You need to add two record one is for ns1 and another for ns2.  and thats it.

FAQ: What is my Ip address ?
Ans; its your server ip address , you can contact your hosting provider & request them to sent you ip address .

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