How to create a website on DigitalOcean in a minutes

Today I’m writing a Tutorial is ” how to create a Website on Digital Ocean in a minute ! ” DigitalOcean is a virtual private server provider. they provide SSD VPS on cloud environment.
In this tutorial we will create a website / blog with WordPress.

Step 1: Login DigitalOcean If you are in new in Digital Ocean please sign up from here :

After login click ” CREATE”DigitalOcean Control Panel 2014-11-02 06-09-54

Step 2 : Now you need to write your domain name or your hostname & you need to chose a package.

DigitalOcean Control Panel 2014-11-02 06-18-32

Step 3:  Just chose a data center location. DigitalOcean Control Panel 2014-11-02 06-21-40

Step 4 : and its final step. here you need to chose Linux Distributions and applications.  just click on ” Application ” and then Select “Ubuntu WordPress on 14.04 ”  ( 14.04 its version of Ubuntu ) And finally click on ” Create Droplet”

DigitalOcean Control Panel 2014-11-02 06-30-09

Within 60 second it will complete and your VPS login details will be sent your email.

Your new Droplet is created! ( - DigitalOcean - - Gmail 2014-11-02 06-32-56

Ok , now go to your Ip Address :  ( your IP Address)  , you noticed browser ask you to give user name and password. the WordPress droplet requires a username and password to access the initial setup page.

To solve this ,  log into your droplet via the command line, and run :

cat /root/WORDPRESS

& you will see your user name and password . here is a screen shot:

I need help, please help me | DigitalOcean 2014-11-02 07-56-06

Now prompt your Ip address in browser ,now  you can access the initial setup page. after complete wordpress initial setup  you can permanently disable  /wp-admin  password protection. please read the post : How To Fix 401 Unauthorized Error wordpress on DigitalOcean

WordPress › Installation 2014-11-02 06-49-21

Its done , Now you can login your website .  Thank you for reading my post.

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