How To Active Cpanel License After Trail

After  successful installation of cPanel  , you will receive a 15-day free trial to ensure cPanel software features and functionality meets their needs. The trial license will automatically expire after 15-days of successful installation. some times even after you buy the license it keep showing the Trail license Message:

Trial License This copy of cPanel
WHM is for trial use and will expire at the end of the trial period. You will need to upgrade to a paid copy of cPanel & WHM to continue using the software after that period.


don’t worry , it can be solve by using a simple commend ,before that you need to verify if your lincese has been activated by cPanel. to do that visit

Then run the following commend :


Its done .

One thought on “How To Active Cpanel License After Trail

  1. Hi,
    I’m Tahir i am using c panel for my website .I found new resource about it .Your article give me extra information about C panel license activation . I really admire your work .

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